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White Label SEO Services - SEO Agency India

White Label SEO Services

White Labelling SEO Services are a popular way for Digital Marketing and Web Development/Design agencies and business owners (referred to as White Label clients hereby) to privately outsource their SEO workload partially or whole to a White label SEO service provider (referred to as White Label agency hereby) to produce results for their SEO clients on their behalf.

The benefit White label SEO agencies get out of this arrangement is that they get a constant flow of SEO work from their White label clients. And as a White label client, even if your expertise lies in Web Design and Development or other Digital Marketing aspects than SEO, you get the opportunity to retain your clients and provide them with a holistic solution that consists of their SEO needs at very competitive prices.

You might be asking “What if the White label SEO agency tries to steal the SEO clients of their White label clients?” or “How does the reporting work?” since a lot of grey area seems to exist in such arrangements and most importantly “Is it a reliable solution?” then keep on reading how a White label SEO agency can be a great asset for you and contribute to the growth of your business.

What are White Label SEO Services and Why is it Important?

White Label SEO services are services provided by White Label SEO agencies to cater to the bulk SEO needs of their White label clients.

One of the primary reasons for White Label SEO services to be so popular is that it gives White label clients the time to provide their clients with their in-house SEO expertise, without worrying about SEO aspects that their company hasn’t mastered yet, and simply have it done by the White label SEO agency on their behalf.

Other than that, many White label clients outsource their in-house work to White label SEO agencies entirely and simply focus on sales, client engagement, and other aspects of their company.

In such arrangements, the White label SEO agencies providing White label SEO services are often hired under NDAs and contracts with clauses requested by their White label clients, ensuring that both companies benefit from such working arrangements.

The common terms in the NDA and Contracts may include clauses such as:

  • The White label SEO agency cannot directly contact the clients of the White Label client or share their data with anyone, so the White label client doesn’t lose any business.
  • The White label agency has to provide reports and other documents without any branding, so the White label client can brand it with their company logo before sharing it with their clients.
  • The White label SEO agency will have to maintain the standards demanded by the White label client, so they don’t lose any reputation in front of their clients.

How Can You Benefit from White Label SEO Services as a White Label Client?

  • Reputed SEO Expertise for Your Clients: While you are catering to your clients with other types of Web and Internet Services, be it Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, or Pay-per-Click Ads, it’s possible that your company may not have expertise in SEO. With White Labeling Services, you get the opportunity to hire a reputed White Label SEO agency known for its work and commitment and market its expertise and results to your clients under your branding. It helps you retain your client base without letting them go look for SEO services outside or possibly competitors while providing them with expert solutions as a package.
  • Reduced Workload: Since you’re hiring a third-party company to manage SEO for your clients, you have the opportunity to partially or completely offload the work to the hired professionals and let them generate results on your behalf. This reduces a lot of time-consuming responsibilities from your company, such as setting up SEO campaigns for clients, creating strategies, implementing SEO strategies on their website, and researching and practicing new SEO strategies to keep yourself up-to-date. Now, simply you have to handle the clients as usual and convey their demands and feedback to the White Label SEO service provider.
  • Free from Managing SEO Resources: Since you can completely reduce the burden of managing the SEO campaigns for your clients and let the hired White Label SEO agency do their work within their company, you now don’t have to hire and manage a team of SEO professionals. It reduces a lot of workforce-related responsibilities in your company since you don’t have to manage a team of SEO professionals, such as their financial liabilities, finding new professionals, and training them to hone their SEO skills.
  • Easy Management of the Services: Since you don’t have to run the SEO campaigns in-house, the management of the Services gets easier for you, because now you only focus the saved time on better handling of your other services. You can simply work out a clause with the White Label SEO agency to provide you with transparent communication and timely reports to keep you and your clients up-to-date on the SEO campaigns.
  • No Expenses on SEO Tools: Since SEO work is performed by the White Label SEO agency, then you won’t have to keep buying or renewing subscriptions to your SEO tools, which can be a lot on annual basis depending on what type of SEO tools you may have been using earlier (if any).
  • Generate Quality Results for SEO Clients with a Quick Turnaround Time: Running SEO campaigns can be challenging, especially if your client base is bigger. Since White Label SEO agencies hold expertise in SEO and have a lot of experience in running large-scale campaigns and have done it so many times already, they usually have tested and developed refined SEO processes and are capable of executing strategies quickly to generate promising results for your SEO clients in a short time.
  • Technical Consultation for Clients If Necessary: While providing your clients with White labeled SEO services under your branding, some clients may ask questions related to technical aspects or might just have a better technical understanding; thus, you may need a technical consultant with you on call to answer any technical questions of your clients and ensure smooth acquisitions of new clients. White Label SEO companies provide you with technical experts to go on with you to answer any technical aspects of the SEO to your clients.
  • Technical Help to Understand Reports and Data: You may be a non-technical person providing your clients White Labeled SEO services. In such cases, many White label SEO companies provide you with all the necessary technical help to understand every aspect of the reporting documents so you may elaborate the reports and other project-related data to your clients better.
  • Time-Saving and Competitive Price: By hiring a White Label SEO agency, you end up saving a lot of time through different phases of a campaign, especially if you have outsourced all of your SEO requirements to the White Label SEO agency, starting from setting up the pipeline for the project, doing market and competition research, crafting strategies at different phases of the campaigns, and creating reports and other essential documents for clients. Moreover, since White Label SEO agencies have already refined the SEO process and know how to run SEO campaigns cost-effectively at such a large scale, they can provide you with competitive prices as compared to if you are running SEO campaigns in-house.

What’s in it for White Label SEO Service provider?

  • Constant Flow of Work: By offering a bulk-service solution, the White Label SEO agencies attract a lot of clients who either don’t have a sound understanding of running SEO campaigns effectively and are looking for expert help or clients who just wants to outsource their work to reduce the workload and just focus on client engagement. And, since the White label clients or SEO resellers are freely working on adding new clients to their agencies, it ensures that the White Label SEO agency will have no shortage of work, without having to worry about finding new SEO work and can just focus on meeting the promised expectations of their working engagement with the White label clients.
  • Reduced or Nil Marketing Expenses: Since the White label clients constantly keep adding new clients to their company and have the work outsourced to the White Label SEO agency, the White Label SEO agency doesn’t have to go on marketing their SEO services to find new clients, which saves a lot of expenses in client acquisition and retention.
  • Easy Project Handling and Better Usage of their Resources: Since the communication of the White Label SEO agency is limited to the White label clients and doesn’t constantly need to provide updates and reports to the end client, the handling of the project gets a lot easier for them. Moreover, since they get constant workflow, they can easily manage their resources to full of their potential while staying cost-effective, such as having more SEO clients won’t increase their monthly/annual expenses on SEO and Reporting tools after a threshold. Also, since they have a large set of SEO campaigns running at a time, they can easily test out new SEO theories and strategies to further enhance the quality of their results.
  • Saving Time and Efforts: Since the White Label SEO agency won’t have to handle the client engagement and retention part of the business, they can now save that effort and invest this valuable time into testing out new SEO theories to further enhance the SEO skills of their employees.

Types of White Label SEO Services

  • Link Building Services: Link Building is one of the most common White Label SEO services. White Label SEO companies provide Link Building services for your client projects, including a variety of link types, such as Niche Edits, Forums Links, Marketable Assets, Guest Posting, etc. They have active relationships with bloggers and website owners in different industries to make it possible for them to provide a quick turnaround time to implement scalable link building strategies to generate high-quality backlinks for your clients.
  • SEO Audit Services: Auditing clients’ websites to find Technical and On-page fixes and improvements is another common type of White Label SEO service. The purpose is to create very detailed audit reports for your clients to check after running their website through all types of Technical and On-page SEO checks, both via SEO tools and Manual Checks.
  • On-Page SEO: On-page White Label SEO service includes configuring clients’ websites with all sorts of On-page improvements, be it page titles, meta descriptions, optimizing images, URL structure, internal links, etc., to enhance their On-page signals for Search Engines.
  • Local Search Services: White Label Local Search services, including running your clients’ websites through different local rankings tests and optimizing them to rank on the first page and possibly on top positions for the target local keywords. Apart from just optimizing the websites using local search terms, this also includes improving the websites’ local signature and building citations on different high-quality directories, to make them more discoverable within their target geographical areas.
  • Keyword Research and Optimization: This White label SEO service includes researching and optimizing the websites’ content to make it more discoverable for the competitive keywords on Search Engines. Most commonly offered for clients who just finished the design and development of their websites (startups) or businesses who are running full-fledged websites but haven’t implemented SEO before.
  • Technical SEO Services: White Label Technical SEO services include optimizing your clients’ websites to improve the technical aspects of the websites to make them easily discoverable and fix any user experience-related issue, such as website crawlability and indexing ability, optimizing HTML/CSS/JS code, improving websites’ structure and navigation, testing the websites for speed tests and improving the speed for desktop and mobile devices, testing and implementing AMP pages wherever necessary, implementing appropriate schema markups for rich snippets, checking and fixing for any broken links, and resolving canonicalization issue wherever necessary.
  • Content Writing: Content Writing is another common type of White Label SEO service, especially for clients who want to curate content for their blog sections or want to promote their content. The purpose is to provide you with a team of content writers to generate on-demand content for your clients’ websites.
  • SEO Reporting Services: Provide you with all types of well-formatted reporting documents, including rankings reports, backlink reports, monthly strategy reports, etc., for you to White label using your company’s branding and offer to your clients.