In order to rank on the first page of Google, you need to do some things and apply some techniques for the website to get ranked with ease. Here are which you can use:

  1. Improve your page loading speed

 If your website is slow, your website ranking may effect eventually. The negative interactions may affect the page and ranking on Google.

There are various tools available online to test the website page speed and makes the administrator aware of the optimizations to do on the website. They are:

This will also allow to test the website all around the world.

If you are facing the slow website speed, then you should go tot the best web hosting service provider at cheap rates and make everything fast from scratch.

  2. Create the high quality content

In order to make the website ranked on Google or any other popular search engines, then you need to create the high-quality content. 

If the content is not unique, then the ranking may get affected. Eventually, the ranking may drop from the top page. 

Keeping the fresh content makes the visitors appear on your website again and again. The content which have high-quality can dwell many times and get ranked eventually. 

Bookmarking also helps in Google ranking, and also it helps the SEO ranking as well.

  3. Image optimization

If the website is hosted in wordpress, then there are various image optimization plugins available in the market.

These plugins makes the reader easier to read and make them skim.

As a result, your website result may get affected and get on the top pages of Google. 

You can also use wordpress heading tags for the user to read your content and make them better understand about your content.

  4. Using high outbound links

These are the backlinks that link directly to your website to make them rank on your Google. 

All if your website should be linked to trustworthy sources and should have high DA for the pages to get ranked.

You should not blindly link your website. Your information should be relevant and must be having the great unique content for the search engines to notice your website.

  5. Fix the broken links on your website

Broken links might also affect your SEO ranking. 

If you are using the high-authority website for hyperlinks and backlinks then, you don’t have to worry about the link building.

  6. Use keywords

Use the relevant keywords in which the competition is less. If you choose the high searched term for your website, then there would be chances that the website might not get on the top pages of search engines. 

Go to the:


  7. Setting up Google Business Page

Local SEO is important for the website to get ranked, so you need to spend some time setting up your account for the Google Business page.

This allows you to add your business info for free, add images, monitor reviews and more.

In result, this can give you the huge advantage to the results and make them rank on Google first page. 



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