Phrases like “Hey Siri”, “Ok Google” and “Alexa” has become very trend nowadays. Amongst all these things one thing that we all have missed out is the voice- based commands. With the latest technologies, now we don’t have to type, just a voice note is enough to command search engine. This is the biggest reason why every company tries to fix a voice command functioning in their devices.

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You can easily see this technique increasing day by day in many countries where different languages are spoken. Even it has also effected the way how SEO was strategized with the two aspects- video and voice. After the update of Google’s Rankbrain, it has become important to take the implication of these two aspects more seriously than earlier it was taken. SEO Agency India is here to take care about all the needs that the new update wants. We deal with this problem every year a due to our experience it has made it easy for us to work on the new update.

Preparing for Voice Search in 2019

It would be unfair, if it is said that voice search is only used on mobile phones, because now there are smart TVs, smart speakers and of course smart homes. There are various connected devices that are designed in such a way that they can work together. Not just in western world, but all across the globe voice commands is accepted.

Best Voice SEO Tips & Strategies for 2019

Listed below are few basic but beneficial tips and strategies that will help you preparing your own plan in 2019-

Keyword Research

So, let’s start with the reality and the reality is that many people don’t understand the difference between typing and asking. When we ask it will always be in the form of question but when we type it is something like a phrase. Thus, it is very crucial to thing the type of question that people can ask around your keyword.

Local Content Queries

If you want to master in voice search optimization, then here are some magical rules that should applied on keywords while planning your SEO strategies-

Voice-search-SEO Agency India

Ensure to add landmarks around your business location.

Use the title of local institution that is important in your business

While forming your keyword, include “near me” in your Meta description, anchor text, internal links and title tags.

Make sure to use the phrases that people are likely to use.

Being Mobile Friendly

Although there are many devices that has been launched with the technology of voice search, but then also people continue to voice search on their phone. So, it is very important for your website to be mobile friendly as voice search results increases more fast than other pages.

Preparing for Video Search in 2019

Firstly, video SEO is not at all same as regular SEO. If you have created a video that too also has to be optimized if you want to achieve the top rank. The necessity of video SEO can be measured from the fact that search engine has a different tab for videos.

Best Video SEO Tips & Strategies for 2019

Here are some video SEO strategies and tips that will surely help you to do better in terms of optimizing the videos-

Keyword Research

In this case also, choosing smart keywords is needed as if you are a beginner than the most views will come on your video only with the help of suggestions that the YouTube will give to the users.

Video Transcripts

Video Transcripts has two benefits:

  • It will help you to reach too many audiences.
  • The search bots will find it easy to crawl as there will be more content available.

Engaging Thumbnails

Thumbnail can increase the beauty of the content and can throw impact on SEO metrics. Hence, the thumbnail needs to be beautiful and attractive.

These above two mentioned points are the SEO strategy which is used by Best SEO Agency India that meets the ranking factor that affects Google updates. In 2013, an update came named Hummingbird. One more update was Rankbrain that is a ranking signal utilizes the benefit of video and voice for understanding the queries and sorts the search results. Every year Google pop out declaring one more update which affects the search results.


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