In this world of modernity, digital marketing is growing day by day most of the business owners look for the prominent SEO agency in India that provides latest SEO services to increase the popularity of their business over the various search engines. In today’s time, when you use the internet for searching any products, then you not only find its details at the same time you can see its image. The image that is visible on the websites promotes the company brands and products which target a large number of the audience towards your website.

What is Google Analytics?

In this world of digital, does your website traffic growing or not? People can search on your site. How do they get to your site and what route they follow? These are a few questions that you have in your mind. Google Analytics is the answer to these questions. 

Google Analytics is a well-known web analytics tool which is provided by the Google to help you investigate your website traffic. Your business websites serve as a hub of your digital traffic. If you are successfully running your company marketing activities such as search ads or social media ads, your users is most likely going to visit your website somewhere along their user journey.

Your business website is the best way to give you a holistic view of the effectiveness of all the campaigns that you are running to endorse your product/services online on several search engines. Google Analytics is the very helpful and free tool that can track your digital marketing effectiveness.

How did Google Analytics work?

Do you have any idea how does Google analytics work? If no, then without any second thought in mind, keep reading. Google analytics puts several lines of tracking code into the code of your website. You know codes can record the activities of the users who visit your company websites along with the attributes (such as age, gender, interests) of those users. All these information can send to the Google Analytics server. When users exit from the website then Google Analytics collects the essential from the website and divided into the four levels which are shown below take a look:

  • User level
  • Session level
  • Pageview level
  • Event level

If you wish to enhance the popularity of your business website over to the several search engines, then visit top SEO agency in India to get the latest SEO services. Google presents various search service that allows you to search the World Wide Web for images. Now you have an idea about the Google analytics. There are two types of data collected in the Google Analytics:

  • User Acquisition Data: It’s a data about the users before they visit any company website. You can access data about your user demographics before they visit your website. You can also get data about where they are coming from, whether that’s Facebook, other websites, or Google search. You can attract more audience to your website to come to your site by running targeted ads through Facebook, Google, and other advertising platforms. Your user acquisition data can serve as the guiding compass to direct your digital marketing strategy and activities.
  • User Behavior Data: It’s data about the users when they visit any company website. The second group of data is “user behavior” data, which are collected during a user’s session on your website. “User behavior” data can serve as a guide for you to improve your website so more of your users end up converting, whether that means making a purchase on your website, or signing up for your newsletter.

These days many appreciated India SEO agency available in the digital marketing that provides outstanding latest SEO services to their clients at the very affordable price. If you’re curious to find out those people who regularly come to your website by doing an image search in Google, then Google Analytics offers you the data to find out.


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