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As you know, to get success in online business, a large number of customers are required to visit your site. And, this is only possible if your site is on the first page of Google search engine. As you have seen, customers always search only on Google’s first page and buy them only from the pages that rank on the first page. For achieving the first rank on Google search engine, you have a need to visit the Top SEO Agency India which can convert your dream into reality. There are lots of terms which is used for obtaining the first rank such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Web designing & development and many more. SEO (search engine optimization) is the best thing that helps in increasing more traffic on your website. There is something that plays a crucial role in SEO and which is known as ‘Backlinks’. Without Backlinks, you cannot think about success.

We dam sure, now you are thinking about what is ‘Backlinks’ and how to make more effective ‘Backlinks’. Well, if you want to get complete knowledge about backlinks, then, first of all, visit the SEO Agency India as well as read this article till the end. Don’t think that you are alone in this struggle. With the help of a well-known SEO agency, you can easily your organic presence on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc.

“Touch the height of success through innovative SEO techniques”

As you know, if the search visibility of your website is low, then it is difficult for customers to find the organically content. So, if you really want to get high visibility on your search engine, then you have a need to push your website through lots of wonderful alternative channels. And, the alternative channels are known as SEO, SMO, etc. By using these tactics, you can easily get the best result in a limited time frame.

It is a real fact that if you really want to increase genuine search traffic on your website, then it requires lots of efforts. The Best SEO Agency India makes every possible effort for achieving your business goal and giving you long-lasting outcomes. In fact, you can see the positive results in a small time period with the help of experienced SEO experts. When we come to ‘Backlinks’, it is important for you to get appropriate knowledge about the role of backlinks in increasing traffic.

Backlinks are amazing as well as an effective way of boosting website traffic by creating your site more famous in search engines. If you are looking for the ways to make more effective backlinks, then we want to tell you about ‘skyscraper technique’. The Top SEO Agency in India uses this wonderful technique to make the utmost quality backlinks to your content. By using this technique, they help you to increase your organic traffic.

What is the skyscraper technique?

This is a great technique which is used for making premium quality backlinks. This amazing technique was evolved by Brian Dean of Backlinko back in 2015. This wonderful technique is categorized into three different steps that involve:

  • Finding link-worthy content
  • Creating something better
  • Sharing what you’ve written

This skyscraper is an incredible backlinks building technique that gives you positive as well as long-lasting outcomes. It is a great way of building upon the appropriate content to make something even better. In simple words, we can say that this is the miraculous method that takes your online business to new heights of success.

Utilizing the skyscraper technique is a path for you to develop a taller “building” or expand upon an officially existing thought. From various perspectives, the method is fundamentally the same as making 10x content. As per the latest research as well as SEO Agency in India, the skyscraper technique, nonetheless, is a fabulous tool for link-building and for attracting a large number of people on a website.

We want to give you an approximate number of visitors who visit your website after using skyscraper technique. And, the number is 300,000 referral visitors. By utilizing this technique, you can influence 300k visitors to your website in a small time frame.

The Skyscraper Technique and Backlinks: What’s the Deal?

Backlinks are the most important links that promote your website from other sources. Generally, the valuable, enlightening, and entertaining your content, the more likely you are empowering backlinking. In any case, for what reason would they say they are so essential?

By using this innovative technology as well as hiring the most renowned SEO Agency India, you can get lots of benefits. So, without any second thought in mind, first of all, visit the best place as soon as possible.

There are some incredible steps that will assist build superior quality backlinks that have a direct impact on your website and business as well.

  1. Check what’s famous

It’s a given that any content you make needs a type of interest keeping in mind the end goal to be justified regardless of the exertion. If in case, there’s no gathering of people for your content, it doesn’t make a difference how great it is nobody will read it.

So, first of all, try to find out that what is most popular in your specialty. There are plenty of tools available by which you can easily discover content that is humming. And, the name of the tool is BuzzSumo. It recognizes content with the most astounding social shares, which is precisely the type of content you need to fabricate your skyscraper piece from.

Another powerful strategy for finding well-known content is looking influencers are sharing on Twitter. Every specialty has a lot of noticeable identities, and a basic burrow through their feeds could start the motivation for your skyscraper content.

Much like influencers, online networks are an awesome method to find mainstream subjects. Discussions like Quora or Reddit which make utilization of network voting to expand the visibility of content the community appreciates have an abundance of point thoughts spilling from them. Make note of the themes with a high number of “upvotes” to check what content is mainstream inside a given community, and utilize this as your premise.

  1. Research your competition

Once you have recognized a point you would get a kick out of the chance to expand upon, look for the topic in Google. Which result positions first? According to the Top SEO Agency in India, if those results are equivalent to the tallest skyscraper in all over the world, then it absolutely correct that they are the best, most elevated quality as well as all around explored pieces accessible to your ideal audience.

You can also utilize an apparatus like Ahrefs to search for your rivals. This is the most amazing tool which enables you to look at the correct keywords that others are positioning for in organic search results and how much traffic they are obtaining precisely.

  1. Always encourage yourself to do something better

When you get complete knowledge about your opposition, the content you are up against, then make a stride back and think once “Can I make anything better?” If you get an answer is yes from yourself, then it is an appropriate time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

But, the main thing which helps you in increasing traffic on your site is a better piece of content.  Now, a question arises in your mind that how do you create a better piece of content? Here are some ideas that help you in making amazing ideas such as:

Write long-form content:

To begin with, composing an article that is longer than what other people are composing is an unmistakable route for you to emerge. Visitors will have the discernment that you’ve put more work into creating that substance and you’ll be viewed as the business expert that you are making you an idea pioneer.

It’s simpler for long-frame content to wind up evergreen content, and a post that is applicable to over multi-month drives more traffic changes over more leads and produces more backlinks.

Long-form content exhibits that you’ve put critical exertion in its generation. Since your post is so protracted, it’s probably going to be the most far-reaching hotspot for the point you’re expounding on. You’re building up an expert in your field and helping readers to discover all the data they’ve looked for in one advantageous area, your site.

As pet the Best SEO Agency in India, in addition to this, long-form content has been proven to get the most content shares. And getting the most content shares will enable your skyscraper piece to be seen by more people.

Focus a handful of keywords

Composing content that positions high for one keyword are a fabulous approach to enable your site to help genuine rankings for that term. In any case, imagine a scenario in which a similar piece positioned for a bunch of keywords. What will you do in this case?

Don’t take tension and utilize keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest or KWFinder to identify a small group of keywords to target.

Since Google utilize latent semantic indexing in their calculation, focusing on a large number of pertinent keywords may even rank your content higher than a competitor’s.

Write a strong and attractive headline

A headline is your first opportunity to make an amazing impression on a reader. In the event that you neglect to catch their consideration, they’re in the same class as gone. All the diligent work you’ve put into your content is to no end in the event that somebody quits reading at your headline.

Indeed, 75% of people will read just the headline, leaving an insignificant 25% who will really expend whatever remains of your content. That is many people who are sneaking past the net, so you’ll have to do your closest to perfect to engage that 80%.

Consider what number of posts you’ve skirted in light of the fact that the title didn’t draw in your consideration maybe it was excessively unclear, too long, too short, or essentially ineffectively composed.

An intriguing headline is fundamental to the skyscraper technique and in case you’re bad at making convincing titles, you can utilize an instrument like the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. In case you’re an able essayist, make your own particular utilizing Jeff Goins’.

Here are 5 easy and innovative tactics to assist you to write eye-catchy headlines:

  • Always utilize numbers to give concrete takeaways
  • Utilize passionate objectives to describe your reader’s issue
  • Utilize an interesting basis to show what the reader will escape the article
  • Always put up the question in your headline like what, why, how, or when
  • Make a daring promise

Go Above and Beyond

If you want to create an ultimate piece of content to give more value to the readers, then you have a need to do some research deeply about the exact subject. You have a need to explain the topic in this manner by which readers get proper knowledge about the main topic.

  1. Pitch Your Content to Influencers

Always remember one thing if you influence maximum customers on your website. You need to share your content on those sites which help you to make more and effective backlinks. By doing this, your website can easily earn lots of backlinks quickly.

  1. Evaluate Your Backlinks

Your job’s not completed once your content begins earning backlinks. You need to be conscious of where backlinks are coming from so you can really take advantage of on your implementation of the skyscraper technique.

Use a tool like Monitor Backlinks to find your backlink profile. A backlink profile is an essential document which details every backlink pointing to your overall website. It’s prudent to set up instant alerts for when someone links to your content but hasn’t let you know.

By evaluating the backlinks which you create, you can easily analyze what’s working and what isn’t, so you can continue to build amazing backlinks that will supercharge your content in the SERPs.


Without any doubt, we can say that the skyscraper technique is a wonderful way to build the best quality backlinks to your content. Always keep in mind that backlinks are most important if you want to get success in your business as well as achieve your pre-determined business goal. With the help of this technique, Google knows that your website is trustworthy, appropriate, as well as includes the unmatched quality content.

Now that you are recognizable with the amazing technique as well as know the power of backlinks in growing search visibility, then go and first of all, hire the Best SEO Agency in India to create wonderful backlinks.


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