Are you thinking about establishing a new online business? If yes, then it’s a good idea. But, if you really want to survive your business for a long time in an efficient manner, then you have need lots of traffic on your business website. What do you think? Is it simple to get maximum lead in this competitive world? No, it is not an easy like your cup of coffee.

As everyone knows, nowadays a lot of people are running a similar business. In this case, it is not simple to achieve high traffic on your website. So, you have to do something different and interesting. For achieving the goal of your business, you have a need to hire the Best SEO Agency in India as soon as possible. With the help and support of these digital marketing services, you can easily get success in your business. At these companies, the well-qualified and experienced professionals have complete acquaintance about innovative SEO techniques. They bring unique and latest solutions in the market to take your business into new heights of success.

Among all innovative techniques, Image SEO is the amazing technique that helps you in attaining first rank on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. In this article, you can easily get the knowledge about the Image SEO technique as well as also know how one can efficiently optimize their images for the best SEO and user experience results.


If you really want to know about this, then read this helpful article till the end. There are some ultimate SEO basics which help you in getting success in your business such as:

  1. Alt text

This is the most important SEO technique which helps to focus on when you are optimizing your images for search engines. Do you know? What exactly Alt Text is? This is generally a brief description of image which you optimize for SEO.

How do you modify it?

If you have a need to customize this text, then text in the quotes following ‘alt’ is known as the alt text of the image. In this quote, you can easily write your explanation which you really want to give that image. Always remember, your text is completed within 9 words.

If you are utilizing CMS like WordPress, the alt text can be written in the ‘Alt Text’ field while uploading or adding the image.

Why alt text is important for SEO?

There are mainly two reasons that describe the importance of alt text such as:

Alt text is the most important technique of SEO which helps you in displaying image search results as well as also boost up the search engine ranking. Are you wishing to know about the main reason behind this success? Well, it is because search engine crawlers do not work on the image process but in this situation, alt text helps to understand that what the images are about. With the help of alt text, search engines perfectly understand the about of image and also increase keyword optimization.

With the help of alt text, search engines easily understand the content of an image. It also helps to find out an image is relevant or not.

  1. Image title

First of all, it is important to tell you that it is not a ‘tag’. Most of the people generally refer to the title text in images as ‘image title tag’. A title text is a different type of text that displays in a tooltip when one can move the mouse cursor over an image.

How do you customize it?

The text in the quotation marks following ‘title’ in the code on top of is the title text of that image. When you move the mouse cursor over it, a small box is appeared and you can easily customize the title tag as per your requirements.

Importance of ‘image title’ for SEO:

The title text is an important thing that works as a hint for users about the images. If you really want to achieve your business success goal, then title tax should be effective.

  1. Image caption

Do you want to know what is caption? Caption is a description for an image by which you can understand the context of the image. WordPress facilitates you to add a caption to your images to give you complete knowledge about the context of the picture better.

How do you customize it?

If you want to customize it in WordPress, click on the image, click on the ‘Edit’ button and then enter the attractive caption in the ‘Caption’ field.

Why image caption is important?

This is also known as an explanation of image. It helps give a description to the image and is mainly useful when you want the user to look at a specific part of it.

  1. Image quality, file size and dimensions

Now, this might not be brick-bat image SEO, but it plays an important role to the SEO of the webpage as well as the experience you provide to your users. If you want to get success in your Image SEO, then perfectly ensure that the quality of the image which you are uploading is ultimate. Nobody wants to see a blur image, it actually wards people off. Always make sure about the dimension of the image, when you are going to upload the picture. The dimension of the image is not too big and not too small.

It is also important to make sure that the file size of the image is not too big. When you upload the heavier image, the load speed automatically becomes slow. It is not good for your website ranking.

Final words….

So, from the above discussion, it is clear that Image SEO is an ideal way to take your website on first rank. But, this technique works only when it is performed by the experienced professionals. First of all, hire the Top SEO Agency in India and take these Image SEO services with more perfection.


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